Have you ever wanted to take the controls of a genuine ex military warbird? If you are a licenced pilot Airwerx can give you the opportunity to hire our aircraft for pilot training.

Aside from being great fun to fly, having logged time in a Yak 52 will help employment prospects for budding commercial pilots. Employers recognise the level of skill required to fly a higher performance aircraft and this is looked favourably upon when you are going for a flying job.

Our instructors are available for briefings prior to each of your flights. The briefings will cover such topics as:

- Engine Knowledge and Management

- Aircraft Systems

- Aircraft Handling (Speeds etc)

- Emergency Procedures

For more information call 0412 732 103 or email ops@airwerx.com.au


Yak 52


Yak 52 Specifications:

Engine: M14P 9 Cylinder supercharged radial - 620 ci.

Passengers: 1

Maximum weight: 1305kg

Maximum speed: 380 km/h

Cruise speed: 250 km/h

Full throttle fuel consumption: 157 litres / hour

Cruise fuel consumption: 60 litres / hour

Fun: 10/10


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Hire Prices

Aircraft Hire - Yak 52: $550/hour

Instructor (for preflight Briefings) $100 per briefing


Our Aircraft

Airwerx operates a Russian Yakovlev 'Yak' 52. The Yak cockpit is laid out very similarly to Soviet Jets such as the L29 and MiGs. This was so that transition onto jets was as straight forward as possible for Russian fighter pilots.

The Yak is powered by a 360 horsepower radial engine. When training on the type you will learn the procedures applicable to operating such an engine, you will also feel the power during takeoff!



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